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For some reason, people tend to forget about Busselton when they go down South. It is more a place where you stop to get petrol, rather than go for coffee or dinner. If you are feeling adventurous you may venture to see the Busselton Jetty, but you’ll quickly hop back in your car and head back to the winelands for a lunch on a winery.

Well let me tell you that there is a restaurant you have been missing out on, and it may have you going back to Busselton more than you ever imagined! It is one of the many secret gems that Busselton hides for its locals, but those secrets have now been discovered and I will be sharing them with you.

The Laundry 43 was my first discovery (and I heard about this through a Busselton local) and it is now my second favourite place for dinner Down South (second to Muster in Margaret River).

This 96 year old building has been restored with polished floor boards, classic brickwork and the entire restaurant is cleverly covered in references to an old school dry cleaners.  One of those is a retro picture of a dry cleaners plastered across the back of the restaurant.

You may think, why would I want to eat in a place that is reminiscent of washing clothes. Well trust us, the vibe it creates is quirky and unique and the food that this laundromat produces will completely change your feelings towards eating next to a photograph of tumble dryers!

The Laundry has designed an ever changing menu with flavours and combinations of food that you would never think would go well together, but actually create an explosion of deliciousness that will keep you longing to try every other item on the menu!  They obviously realised that their guests would want to try absolutely everything, so they have based their menu on tapas sharing so I recommend you do exactly that! Taste and enjoy as much as you can!

The waiters are very friendly, relaxed and professional (not 5 star, but you won’t find this anywhere in Perth!) and they also probably make the best cocktails in the Busselton/Dunsborough area, so make sure you try at least one.

Make sure you venture to Busselton to discover the delights that the Laundry’s menu has to offer!

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