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In the heart of Claremont Quarter, there is a small courtyard filled with a few restaurants. One you will find here is Beluga, a fine dining establishment headed by Head Chef Matt Nebel who produces an 5 star dining experience for anyone looking for a fantastic night out.

I have been to Beluga over 30 times. It used to be my favourite local spot and I would sometimes dine there 3 times per week. I can honestly say I have never been disappointed.

The ambience of Beluga has not always been sensational, it used to lack interior decor and even though the open kitchen created an incredible vibe, it was lacking colour and style. However over the last two years, Beluga has done nothing but improve its ambience and overall customer experience. With the increasing involvement of Rayne Embley, it seems that a woman’s touch was all it took to change the feng shui of Beluga and make it more welcoming.

The service at Beluga is probably the best you will find in Claremont. Having been an avid diner, I can say that the service in Perth in general is pretty atrocious. Finding loyal and dedicated staff can be difficult in the dining industry. Although Beluga went through a rough patch when it lost a lot of its staff, it has now nurtured a strong service team who are dedicated to ensuring that your dining experience at Beluga is effortless. You can expect a professional, welcoming and  fun experience. If you become a regular, you may even get to know the Chef! With the culinary delights that you are presented, you will feel obligated to thank him for a fantastic evening.

Beluga’s focus is “uncompromised produce, prepared simply and delivered with utmost attention”. I can tell you that they do exactly that. The meals are simple yet full of flavour and you can taste the quality produce used. The lamb shoulder is a MUST at Beluga. It is a dish they are famous for, and rightly so as it is probably the best lamb shoulder that you will find in Perth.  They also sometimes will be busy preparing a seafood paella outside as you arrive and I can guarantee that the smell of this will ensure that this is the first thing you order! It is absolutely scrumptious and was the beginning of my love affair with paellas.

Another thing that you can do at Beluga is leave it all up to the chef. Sometimes after a long day, looking through a menu and having to take a gamble on what will be good can seem like more of a chore than an pleasure. Well at Beluga you can just ask the Chef to surprise you, and he will do just that! He will make sure that you are treated with the best dishes that Beluga has to offer and will often come out to ensure you are enjoying your meal.

All in all, Beluga is a fantastic restaurant and even though they have been through some rough patches in the past few years, it has definitely fully recovered and is providing one of the best fine-dining experiences Perth has to offer.


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